.....little did your ancestors understand the legacy they were giving to you...

....welcome to the Legacy Research Project...

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Consider...your leg.a.cy ~ n. something that is handed down or remains from a previous generation or time    

~~ your ancestors, those people from previous generations of your family gave you a legacy and it is here for you to find ~~ they were probably ordinary people living their everyday lives; being born, getting married, raising families, paying taxes and passing on ~~ and the next generation did the same thing all over again ~~ most did not make history by becoming famous or infamous ~~ but they created your family history  

~~ they may have arrived on the shores of this country as early as the 1600's, or as recently as the 1800's but all had one thing in common, they were hoping for a newer and better life ~~ they may have come from England, having received land grants or from Germany or Switzerland to escape religious persecution or from Ireland and Scotland as indentured servants  

~~ researching your ancestors and your family history is not just about finding names and dates, something that I call " just the bones " ~~ I have found in my research of my own family and in those families on loan to me, that there is "flesh" on those bones ~~ your ancestors acquired skills and talents, they had values, and they had a belief system ~~ they had stories to tell, achievements and accomplishments to be honored and remembered

 ~~ getting to know your ancestors is perhaps a good way to understand yourself ~~ you might recognize those skills, talents, values and beliefs in you ~~  this is your legacy -- let me help you find it ~

          $25 INTRO OFFER  *********************** NEW CLIENTS ******************** $25 INTRO OFFER

*** the research of two (2) of your ancestors, based on initial information provided by you, who are thought to have been born or thought to have lived within any of the states in my specialty group

*** using the Email Me tab above, please provide your contact information and in the message box provide any information that you may already have on the two (2) ancestors to begin the research and where applicable I will do further research on the next generation, which is a possibility of results about six (6) of your ancestors

*** I will provide you with names, dates and places of birth where applicable – I will identify and explain the result of the research (i.e, a 1860 census report, a Pennsylvania marriage license, an immigration record) that I found available and useful to you if you choose begin the research of your Legacy; if not, the information is yours to keep

*** if you choose to take advantage of this offer, use the Select tab above, then click on INTRO OFFER on the drop down MENU to enter your payment information

*** I will contact you by email with the result of my research -- you can then decide if you want to proceed with additional research