I'm sure that you are wondering who this person is that you will entrust your family information ~~ I am an independent genealogist and family historian ~~ I will help you find your family legacy ~~ I began researching my family history on a whim ~~ I knew a little information about both sides of my family, so I tried it ~~ that was almost seven years ago and it has become my passion ~~ I love history and I absolutely love researching and finding whatever I can by whatever means about people from the past ~~ It is fascinating ~~ Some call it "chasing dead people" and I suppose that's what it is ~~

Who I am ~ 

* * *  a retired professional and business owner -- community volunteer -- m​other and grandmother

* * * living in South-Central Pennsylvania just five (5) minutes from Harrisburg, the Capital of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania -- with access to the Pennsylvania State Archives and Pennsylvania State Library -- I am within a four hour drive to Washington, DC -- Baltimore, MD -- Pittsburgh, PA -- Philadelphia, PA -- Richmond, VA and Wilmington, DE.

* * * specializing in the Middle Colonies - New York,  New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware -- in addition to Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and North Corolina -- I've also done quite a bit of research in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

What I will do ~ 

 * * * review information that you will provide to me on the initial Intake Form and assess the amount of research involved and together we will decide on a project plan, such as the number of generations that you wish to research -- do you want to research the legacy of a single person or couple -- do you want to research only the male lineage or only the female lineage in your family  -- do you want to research only military records -- there are many options available 

 * * * once we have agreed upon a plan, I will provide you with an estimate of my fees based upon the number of hours I believe your project will require -- you as my client will be asked to set a maximum number of hours that you wish to invest in your project -- at the end of the agreed upon hours I will provide to you a detailed summary of your project thus far and then you can decide if you want to proceed with additional research.

 * * * my fee is $40 an hour with a minimum retainer of $120 (3hrs) required, to be applied to the number of hours you have requested -- additional hours will be billed periodically at predetermined intervals and will require a new contract -- any travel or administrative fees (photocopying, entrance fees, etc ) will be discussed with you as the project unfolds.

​What I won't do ~ 

* * *  is waste your time, my time or your money -- I can generally determine within the first one or two generations of research if your project will reveal additional information but that is only after exhausting all of the resources that are available to me -- I won't leave you in the dark; when I know something, you'll know something

 * * *  is make promises that I can't keep -- I won't guarantee to you that I will find any record or any information for your ancestor or find further ancestors -- that rarely happens but it does happen 

* * *  try to impress you with any previous formal education -- articles I've written -- lectures I've given -- because I have done neither -- if you have looked at this entire website then you'll see what I've done -- I have the experience and the investigative skills needed to research your Legacy Project -- so, lets get started -- please take advantage of the introductory offer

            $25 INTRO OFFER  *************************  NEW CLIENTS  ************************ $25 INTRO  OFFER 

*** the research of two (2) of your ancestors, based on initial information provided by you, who are thought to have been born or thought to have lived within any of the states in my specialty group

*** using the Email Me tab above, please provide your contact information and in the message box provide any information that you may already have on the two (2) ancestors to begin the research and where applicable I will do further research on the next generation, which is a possibility of results about six (6) of your ancestors

*** I will provide you with names, dates and places of birth where applicable – I will identify and explain the result of the research (i.e, a 1860 census report, a Pennsylvania marriage license, an immigration record) that I found available and useful to you if you choose to research your legacy; if not, the information is yours to keep

*** if you choose to take advantage of this offer, use the Select tab above, then click on INTRO OFFER on the drop down MENU to enter your payment information

*** I will contact you by email with the result of my research -- you can then decide if you want to proceed with additional researc                          



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