​Associate Research -- can tell us that another researcher has information about the individual we are researching and that we may or may not be able to use that information; however I am guarded when using information gathered from others unless there is an actual document or the information is substantiated by entities such as -- individual state, county and local records -- genealogical societies or archives -- the Family History Library (LDS) in Salt Lake City, Utah -- the National Archives -- and the DAR Library in Washington, DC  

Legacy Resources

In the search to discover my legacy I had no idea of who or what I would find. I began the search with the names of my father's father and mother and then the names of my mother's father and mother --- so now I had four (4) people to search for. Those four people gave me eight (8) more people to search for. Before I realized it, I had sixty-four (64) people that I wanted to search for. I soon discovered that some information is easily found and other information would take me a l-o-n-g time to find. I also soon discovered that I wanted to know who these people were, what they were, where they came from, where they were going and why. Below are examples of resources that I use in the search of a family legacy 
Birth ~ Marriage ~ Death Records -- can tell us the name of the individual (s) -- the date and location of the event -- the name of the parent(s) --in the case of a marriage record, the spouse name, their date and location of birth and often the name of their parent(s)
Census Records-- are an invaluable source of information; the record can tell us the gender, the age and the location where the individual was born-- location where the individual's parents were born -- if they are single or married and how many years married -- their occupation --their ownership and value of their property -- the name and age of children and location where the children were born -- migration patterns and kinship to other individuals on the same census record  

Immigration Records -- can tell us the name of the ship -- the name of the Captain of the ship --immigrant's name and date and location of birth or their age on the date of departure -- date and port of departure -- date and port of arrival and in cases where the ship manifest is available, we can see the other members of a family or extended members of a family traveling together -- we can also sometimes determine the wealth or lack of wealth of the immigrant or if the immigrant is indentured to another individual and the number of years of servitude
Land  ~ Taxes ~  Wills ~ Convict Records -- can tell us the wealth of an idividual and value of property-- trace the heirs -- names of children and other family members -- the missing surname, and family members of an unknown female -- court house history and records -- direct us to maps, newspaper articles and other records 
Military Records -- can tell us the the branch of service -- date of a draft or enlistment of the individual -- the date and location of birth of the individual -- the location of residence of the individual at the time of entering military service -- the rank given to the individual upon entering or leaving their service and in cases of death or injury there can be an explanation as to the cause -- often records can tell us the Company and the name of the superior officer as well as the battles engaged in-- these records are often used for application made to the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) and to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)
Church Records --  often when it seems there is no other record or information about an individual, we can rely on church records -- they can tell us the name and location of the church , the given name and date of birth, date of baptism, the names of parents and the names of sponsors if applicable -- they can tell us about the history of the church, village, town and region, 
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