Giovanni Battista Castiglione ~ and Italian tutor, was born circa 1520 at Gassino-Torinese, Piemonte, Italy -- He was installed by Henry VIII as Italian Master to his daughter Elizabeth who later became Queen Elizabeth I --  He carried her private letters to Princess Elizabeth when she was imprisoned in the Tower of London. He served as Groom of her Privy Chamber from her accession as Queen in 1558 until his death in 1598. 

​​I'd like to share with you some of the more interesting people who were found during the research of my family and families on loan to me. I am amazed at the amount of information that is available and even more amazed at what these people accomplished in their life -- understanding that they were just ordinary people of their time -- all of the following information has been documented 
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Mary Royle ~ was born in Scotland  in 1687 -- she was kidnapped along with many other children when she was 10 years of age; carried on board a ship and taken to Chester Co, Pennsylvania; there she was sold as a servant to a Caleb Pusey -- she married soon after her term of service was over to a William Coles but became a widow -- she  then married Jeremiah Brown, a Quaker, in 1711. 
Johan Daniel Drube ~ a Hessian soldier, born in 1750 in Ostuffeln, Germany, an illegitimate son of Mary Elizabeth Drube -- served with the von Bose Regiment  which met defeat at Yorktown in 1781 -- Daniel escaped from the prisoner-of-war barracks at Frederick, Maryland, and settled in nearby Waynesboro, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, where he met and married, circa 1784, Margaret Mack, the great-granddaughter of Alexander Mack who founded
 the Church of the Brethren in America.
Joseph Brown house built in 1757.
Christoph Jacob Spaeth ~ born in Wurtemberg, Germany on August 8, 1834 -- at six years old he immigrated with his parents arriving in Philadelphia -- the family eventually migrated to a German settlement in Ohio -- when he was still a small boy, he ran away from home to join the United States forces during the Mexican War but his father learned of his whereabouts and brought him home -- in 1850 the family migrated by covered wagon to northeastern Indiana and established residence in Warren Township, Huntington County -- he enlisted in 1862 in the Union army serving the 32nd Infantry during the Civil War -- at his passing on June 13, 1938 at the age of 104 years, he was survived by 125 descendants including four children, 25 grandchildren, 80 great-grandchildren and 16 great-great-grandchildren. 

POW Barracks ~ Frederick, Maryland
Inscription at Royal Palace in England ~ 1556
Christopher at 101 years
The 7 Cherokee Clans

Elizabeth Bunch~ a Cherokee woman, born about 1715 in North Carolina,
 married to William Daugherty, a blacksmith -- Elizabeth was a  heroine in the 
terrible raid in Virginia by Chief Cornstalk, of the Shawnees --  the Indians were 
seen from Fort Young on Jackson River and an express was sent to William 
Dougherty's, but he was away from  home -- Elizabeth mounted her horse and 
raced up the Cowpasture valley warning settlers, who fled to the mountains 
before the Indians arrived -- the settlers of Kerr Creek were less fortunate and
Charles Dougherty, William's brother, and many others were killed on 17 Jul 1763.

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